Imagine a world where workshops contained no fluff, filler, or sheep-dipped, snake-oil.

Recent clients include:

We've all been there. Trapped inside the workshop from hell, with déjà vu flashing before our bored, bleary eyes.

These torturous off-sites are enough to make normally sane, well-balanced individuals reach for a fire alarm and smash the living daylights out of it. And because I've had the misfortune of sitting through a 100 of these teeth-itching events over the years, I've cracked the code, and figured out what makes a workshop fall flat on its arse (with the stakeholders investment pissed up the wall), and what makes a workshop something rave people about. And most importantly, something which drops thought-bombs in their mind, which ensures they take MASSIVE ACTION when they get back to the day job. 

Because if a workshop fails to engage, it'll fail to TRANSFORM. And if it fails to transform, it's of ZERO value to anyone. Apart from the highly paid, damn squib of a facilitator of course.

I never want to be "that guy". So when a business approaches me to design and run a workshop I never bite the hand that feeds by attempting to palm them off with an off-the-shelf product that's more dog-eared than 1980's Playboy magazine. Or worse yet, try to flog them a shit-sandwich of a syllabus that's been cobbled together from the latest, faddy self-help books and business podcasts.

As a psychologist, master neurolinguist, and forensically-minded ex-creative, I ask questions. Lots of questions. I dig deep. Get to the core of the problem, challenge, or opportunity you're facing. And help you clearly define and articulate the vision, mission, and measurements you need to take, in order to maximise workshop success.

Only then, when we know exactly what your people need, will I dive into solution mode, and custom design the tools, techniques, frameworks, and workbooks that'll realise your and the companies ambitions. 

Through intensive bootcamps and 12 month cultural change programmes, I've helped businesses build anti-fragile, high performance teams with a bias towards breakthrough thinking, fearless collaboration, & a monk-like calmness in the eye of a shit-storm.

Some of my most requested subjects include:


Want to optimise your teams performance without sacrificing their sanity? Then forget about wishy-washy mindfulness trainings, old school stress management seminars, and run-of-the-mill mental first aid lectures.

Fusing over 100 years of scientifically validated research, with cutting-edge bio-feedback technology, and mind-expanding group exercises, this one-of-a-kind pressure proofing workshop will give you the psychological tools, techniques, and frameworks you need to ignite, amplify and sustain the optimum state of human consciousness known as flow, so that you can crush it at work without work crushing you, your teams, or your marriage.

Learnings will include:

✓ The neurobiology of flow and sustainable high performance, and how to turn it from an elusive state to a hardwired trait

✓ Why this optimum state of human consciousness is the brain's natural anti-depressant and anti-anxiety pill

✓ How the flow state automatically increases your creativity by 700%, boosts your productivity by 500%, and 2x's your speed of learning

✓ How to use flow to stop fear dead in its tracks, and prevent your own brain from freaking out and hijacking your courage, confidence, and ferocious curiosity

✓ Why flow lights up more parts of your brain so that you to make better, clearer, more balanced decisions under pressure

✓ How the neuro-chemical-cocktail of flow switches off self-doubt, insecurity, and self-defeating head-chatter 

✓ The brainwave frequency you need to hack into to zone out "the noise" and tune you into your gut instinct and creative intuition

✓ The C.O.U.R.A.G.E. Model ™ that will convert emotional obstacles into physical springboards

✓ How 'The 4% Rule' will triple your energy levels without the use of caffeine, Red Bull, or Class A

✓ The 60 second ritual you NEED to do right now to leave “a bad at the office” at the office

✓ And how to use all this neurological knowhow to build a pressure proofed brian that defaults to flow and excel, not fight or flight, when the shit hits the fan and the pressure gets intense


Innovation, creativity, and complex problem solving workshops have never been more in-demand. Or more popular with 50-something year old hacks in Hawaiian shirts spouting hackneyed horse shit. 

Combining 22 years of experience on the creative frontline, with over 8 years coaching and therapising the creative elite from the worlds of film, TV, music, tech, and advertising, this workshop pulls no punches and ducks no questions when it comes to giving you and your team the professional-grade tools, techniques, and anti-fragile mindset you need to build breakthrough thinking brains and fully unleash the creative firepower that's locked inside your entire organisations skulls. So that you can future-proof your careers, stay well ahead of your competition, and generate breakthrough thinking solutions like modern day Einstein's on speed.

Learnings will include:

✓ What creativity, innovation, and breakthrough thinking is, and what it most certainly isn't!

✓ The top 10 myths about the creative process blow to smithereens -- and how to reverse the damage done by bad education and pop-psychology

✓ The neuroscience of breakthrough thinking, and the 4 scientifically proven ways to build a ferociously curious creative brain through neuroplasticity

✓ How to eliminate creative anxiety, blow-torch brain-freeze, and face-plant procrastination when faced with impossible challenges, seemingly unsurmountable obstacles, and wooly briefs 

✓ Why chasing brilliant answers is the slowest and most ineffective way to come up with novel, surprising, and original creative solutions. And why the smart money's on people who play D.U.M.B™

✓ Why brainstorms are toxic to the creative brain, and what breakthrough thinkers do instead. Hint: it's NOT what all the other creative 'experts' are teaching!

✓ What the most creative brains in the history of time did to turn impossible to solve problems into impossible NOT to solve problems

✓ The psychological formula for  creating a flow-inducing creative brief that won't lead to blindingly obvious, cliched garbage

✓ How to make breakthrough thinking business-as-usual, not an add-on to the day job


Take away a creative brains sense of SELF, PURPOSE, and PERSPECTIVE and see how quickly its passion, ambition, and performance falls off the face of a metaphorical cliff. 

Not to mention its mental health.

In this emotionally challenging, life-changing workshop, participants will emerge with a new found drive and a crystal clear understanding of what it means and takes to be uniquely them in a world of me-toos. In a safe and supportive environment, they'll be given the tools, worksheets, and expert guidance I use in my private coaching practice, to dive deep into their value hierarchy, self identity, and belief systems so that they can reconnect with their life's higher purpose, their creative mission on Earth, and their Wildly Important Target, in order to become the effortlessly driven, emotionally robust, highly-focused Creative Original they were born to be. And what a bored and restless world are dying to see more of.

Learnings will include:

✓ Irrefutable evidence that the business of creativity has never been more competitive, or more bland. And how we need to use that as fuel for change, not a reason to be miserable

✓ Why the world needs more Creative Originals, and how tapping into your fearlessly creative self will future-proof your career, preserve your sanity, and help you live longer

 What your creative mission on Earth is, and why it's critically important for your brain to have one

✓  The difference between living 'on purpose' and 'with purpose', and how to make damn sure that they're subconsciously aligned with your core values, deeply held beliefs, morals, ethics, and worldview

✓  How to break an emotionally-charged creative vision for your life, down into rock-solid goals and micro ambitions using my M.A.G.I.C. B.U.L.L.E.T™ suggestions formula

✓  How to use the M.A.G.I.C. B.U.L.L.E.T.™ suggestions to cognitively prime your subconscious mind to meet and exceed those milestones on autopilot 

✓  Why most people are handcuffing themselves to a life of mediocrity and unfulfilled potential, and how you, as a new-born Creative Original never will

✓  How to make sure that your subconscious conformity bias will never undo all the good work you've done!!!


As a career creative I've been round the block, delivered the knockout shots, learnt from the body shots, and risen from the shit smelling of roses. 

Which makes me a real world practitioner who delivers real world content for real world results. Not a robotic management consultant, out-of-touch academic, or snot-nosed grad from a recent eMBA course who'll waffle on in an unrelatable way, bore you to death with 25,000 Powerpoint slides, and have NO CLUE what it takes to survive and thrive in a highly pressured, high-stake, creative environment like ours. 

I'm the guy who calls it as it is, not how it theoretically is. And because I know how critical it is that the tools, techniques, methodologies, and step-by-step frameworks I teach don't buckle under pressure, or blow up in peoples faces when they put them into practice, I never shy away from or shoot down any challenging, controversial, or confronting questions a group may have about their validity and implementation, and I NEVER teach anything I'm not highly skilled at and deeply practiced in. 

So whether you hire me to unleash your teams creative firepower, pressure-proof their creative brains, and/or ignite, amplify and sustain a culture of breakthrough thinking and emotional wellbeing, you can rest assured that everything that falls out of my lips, gets presented to you in a pitch proposal, or is projected on a screen, is the real fucking deal.

Everything in my arsenal is 100% torture tested in the real world.

100% applicable in the real world.

And 100% different to the snorefests you've slept though in the real world.

But don't take a former adman's word for it. 


"The best training we've ever had at Toyota. Bar none."

Matthew Blake, Brand Awareness Manager, Toyota GB

"It’s stayed with me as one of the most impactful and memorable sessions I’ve attended. And I’ve attended a few!"

Emily Chiverton, Global HR, Selfridges

"The feedback was incredible and definitely an event I want to run again and again and again!"

Marc Lewis, Founder & Dean at SCA 2.0

"Enlightening and utterly brilliant workshop. How to pressure-proof our brains and succeed in today's creative industries. Well worth booking!"

Simon Mannion, Creative Director & Partner, IRIS

"To say the feedback was glowing would be a gross understatement!"

Gemma McCartney, Head of Talent, M&C Saatchi PR

"As someone who finds trainings tiresome and unchallenging, I want to say how incredibly helpful and inspiring I found yours. Thank you!"

Ben Wilsker, Director, 5W Public Relations

"Thank you so much for your recent trainings in Breakthrough Thinking. Definitely the best I’ve been on in a long, long, long, long time!"

Kyle Gardener-Drury, Account Director, Agent3

"Glowing feedback from our agency. We can’t wait to have him back in!"

Kenny Townsend, HR Manager, VMLY&R

"We’ve had amazing feedback about your sessions. Your inspiration definitely came through!!!"

Susie Langridge, Senior HR Business Partner at BCW

So if a toxic-free, psychologically-sound, creatively-empowered culture of confident, courageous, ferociously curious human beings sounds like the workplace for you, let's talk about making it happen. 


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