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Peak Performance Psychologist & Coach for Creative Leaders, CEO's and Type A A-listers

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Get the pressure-tested tools you need to life in the flow zone that you NEVER want to escape from – every week.

Let's not beat around the bush, it's really bloody tough being a rock-solid leader these days. The pressure to be brilliant is immense, the recovery periods are next to non-existent, and the time to sit down and ‘get shit done’ has fallen off the face of a cliff. 

In an effort to keep up, stay relevant, and stop the spotlight on your front turning into a target on your back, you push your brain to the brink, run your nervous system into the ground, and drive your loved ones up the wall, with an immune system that's battered to buggery, and a subconscious that's soaked in fear.

Yet despite what the self-help brigade may say, the mindfulness bores may preach and the frumpy corporate coaches may insist, following your breath, aligning your chakras and colouring in a silly little Wheel of Life, is NOT the way to optimise your performance without sacrificing your soulsanity or sense of perspective. 


An hour with Matt is worth a thousand with your therapist.

JOSH BRYER, Creative Director, Sydney Australia

What Matt's helped me achieve has been nothing short of monumental.

MO SAHA, Serial Entrepreneur & Painter

Matt stops superstars turning into shooting stars.

MARC LEWIS, Founder & Dean, SCA 2.0

To crush it at work without work crushing you, your teams, or your marriage, you need the antifragile mindset of a professional athlete, not a punch drunk sadomasochist.

Because Rocky may have gotten away with a brain like Swiss cheese. But you won't


In a pressure-cooker business like ours, where sharpness of thinking, depth of thought, and an unflappable sense of self, purpose, and perspective can mean the difference between burning bright and burning out, pummelling your number one tool-of-the-trade into submission is not a good idea.

But thanks to masochistic working practices, poor modelling strategies, and next to no mental fitness regime, we've become so mentally and emotionally obese that the bulldozers in our head continue to collide, the hope in our hearts continues to wane, and the chatter in our mind continues to ask, "Why the fuck do we bother?"

Over the past 15 years I’ve coached hundreds of creative leaders and CEO's around the world, and asked them if this volatile state of mind is something they resonate with, and the stats don't lie....

92% say they're stressed out and anxious. 68% say they're angry and insecure. 65% feel undervalued and disengaged. And 56% say they are, or have been, burnt out – with 21% saying "Not yet!”


And these are some of the world's most successful creative leaders out there...

This is what I call CREATIVE BATTLEFIELD FATIGUE™ and it wreaks havoc on your brain


Like it or not, your brain is not designed to be on a permanent war-footing. And when it is, the fight or flight hormones which flood your nervous system don't just hijack your happiness, castrate your creativity, and run a zombie knife through your relationships, they cause cells within your brain to commit suicide – literally.

We experience this neurological massacre as brain fog, a sluggish memory, free-floating anxiety, and a psychological bias towards self-sabotage. But do we take these warning signs seriously? Do we fuck.

Instead of stepping back and repairing the damage we've done, we plough on regardless, drowning our mind, body and soul in lashings of guilt, shame, and frustration, as we fly blind into yet another emotional shit-storm.

And as the fog gets denser, the sleep gets shitter, and our thoughts get darker we tell ourselves that stress is our fuel, fear is our motivation, and one of these days all of this madness will pay off.

Which you and I both know is bullshit.

Ways Of Working Together...

Sustainable High Performance Coaching

For over a decade I've helped some of the world's best creative brains massively exceed their ambitions and love the life they live. So if you'd like to optimise your performance without sacrificing your sanity, let's chat. 

4 Sessions Minimum

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Pressure Proof Creative Mastermind®

Since 2021 some of the sharpest, smartest, most prolific creative leaders in the business have come together to take their mental, emotional and financial game to the next level. Every week their previous best becomes their new baseline, want to join them? 

Every Friday

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Pressure Proof Leadership Academy™

Forget the homogenised, corporate cliches pumped out by academic eggheads, Pressure Proof Leadership Academy™ will give you the ENTIRE operating system you need to become the unshakable leadership team everyone wants to work with and everyone wants to be like. 

Lifetime Membership

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Burnout isn't sexy until you're fucked. Listen to Matt, his wisdom will save you money on the divorce, breakdown, or rehab bill.


When you’re at the top it’s not always obvious who to turn to. That’s where Matt came in...


I felt at a crossroads and was having a crisis of confidence. I knew instantly that Matt was the one to talk to.  

KAT McGETTIGAN, Global Head of Growth, GRAYLING

Fusing peak performance psychology and evidence-based psychotherapy with 27 years on the creative frontline, I've got the letters after my name and scars on my back to tackle ANYTHING you bring to the table.


Which means that nothing is too deep, nothing is too dark, and there's nothing I'm not qualified in, battle-tested in, and fully insured to handle. 

Some creds

I've spent 18 years studying Psychotherapy, Trauma Recovery, Peak Performance Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy at King's College London and the International NLP Trainers Association.  

Not [email protected]

After two decades as a multi award winning writer and creative director at some of the world's best advertising agencies, I became a Sustainable High Performance coach and psychotherapist by design.

Not because I got fired or made redundant. 

I cut my teeth as a Complex Trauma Specialist in Harley Street for some of the bravest people I know. And now I work with some of the most creative, powerful and influential people I've ever met.  

Not Jean from Hull or Stu from Gateshead.

Matt has an incredible ability to unshackle you from the pressures work and life put on you.


When you can’t see the wood for the trees and seriously need to refocus you call Matt.

SASAN ROOHI, Creative Director, DISNEY

Absolutely no bull-crap. Matt is the real deal who gets results.

ZARA INESON, Executive Creative Director, HOUSE 337

After more than 20,000 hours on the coaching clock I know that FLOW AMPLIFICATION not STRESS REDUCTION is the fastest and most reliable way to prevail under pressure, not buckle, bend or burnout.

If you want someone to help you untangle the knots in your brain, look no further. 

GREG HACKETT, Film Director & Founder, SPINDLE

Working with Matt has changed everything and completely refocused my perspective.  


My life is far richer and less restricted with the techniques and philosophies Matt taught me.


Flow is the pressure proofed brain's answer to the frazzled mind's question, "How the fuck am I gonna keep up?"


Unlike it's caustic counterpart (fear) flow is the performance enhancing brain cocktail that's supercharging your nervous system when you're feeling your best and performing your best. 

Bathing your mental wetware in a powerful combination of dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, anandamide and noradrenaline, the effortful becomes effortless, time bends in your favour, and nothing feels out of your control, beyond your capabilities, or scary as fuck.


This heightened state of consciousness shuts down your inner voice of doom, face-plants self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions, and ramps up your brains creative capabilities by 500%, accelerates its productivity by 700%, and slashes the speed it takes to learn and integrate new skills and behaviours in half.

And as if that wasn't enough, flow is medically recognised as the brain's naturally occurring anti-depressant and is scientifically proven to overcome PTSD, addiction, and heartbreak. 

This is why flow is the most potent state of sustainable high performance known to man, woman, and child, and why Subconscious Bullshit Elimination™ wipes out anything standing in its path.

Matt's approach is clear and bullshit free. Just how Creatives like it. 


I wouldn’t have been able to turn my grief from losing Steve, into being a male mental health campaigner without Matt. 

BEN AKERS, Filmmaker and Co-Founder of TALKCLUB

I was blown away by how easily Matt helped me figure out what I want from my career.

EMMA PARRISH, Business Director, KINDRED

Subconscious Bullshit Elimination™ never nips and tucks around the edges of your life. It digs deep into your flow-driven core, and pressure proofs you from the inside out.

"Matt has had a profound impact on my life. First he extricated me from the wreckage of trauma, and then he gave me the tools to improve my wellbeing and focus. I feel extraordinarily fortunate beyond words to have been able to work with him."

NEIL YOUNG, Associate Director, FIRSTLIGHT

So if you want results FAST, PERMANENT and without the paint-by-numbers clichés that the coaching cowboys peddle, let's chat.