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Kiss addiction, depression & burnout goodbye. Fast and for good.


Without weeks in rehab, years in therapy or forever on meds.

Ready to reclaim your sanity, soul and sense of perspective?

The Target

Armour-Plated Creatives & CEOs

The Problem 

Burning alive in paradise

The Goal 

A life you NEVER want To escape from

The Solution

The Magic Bullet Method®

Blow up your brain and it's not just your career that goes up in smoke, your health, wealth and relationships do too.


And when that shit goes south, it's not long before your conflicted and contorted soul follows suit.

Before you know it you're a stung-out shell of your former self, mentally exhausted, physically broken, emotionally drained.

The courage, confidence and ferocious curiosity you once had in spades have upped sticks and gone. And as you find yourself swinging between soaring highs and crushing lows you worry about your mortality, question your sanity and grow more and more negative, cynical and chronically disengaged.

Mild to serious health symptoms are beginning to take root, and in a desperate attempt to shake off the suffering you feel you throw yourself even deeper into your hole. Making you increasingly distant, more and more disengaged and dangerously close to snapping in two.

Days become marathons, fear and anxiety runs rampant and you barely even recognise the person you've become.

In a desperate attempt to wrestle back control you reach for something stable, run for something safe and grasp for something certain – only you don't know what that is or how to go about getting it.

You turn to your friends but they don't know how to help. You turn to your partner but they're worn out and tired. And when you turn to Dr Google it's the same old crap...

"Quit your job... lower your standards... do a retreat… bathe in ice... stop getting stressed... start taking meds... talk to a shrink... breathe like a monk... drink less caffeine.... meditate on a raisin... take a mental health day... align your chakras... drink mushroom tea... And when all of that fails, suck it up and pray.”

What a crock of shit.

Because as crippling, paralysing and soul-crushingly depressing as it is when you're imploding from within, the problem you think you have is not the problem you need to fix.

Traditional Therapy, Conventional Coaching and Mainstream Medication has got it upside down and back-to-front.

And the reason most interventions fail to make any meaningful and permanent change to a persons psyche is simple...


They're trying to obliterate the brain's SOLUTION to the problem, not the problem itself.

As fucked up as this will sound things like depression, addiction, burnout and PTSD are NOT symptoms that need suppressing, or problems that need obliterating. 

They're your brains best attempt at a SOLUTION to a problem much deeper.

And contrary to mainstream misconception, treating these SOLUTIONS like they're the symptom or problem that needs fixing or suppressing is like ripping the plaster cast off a broken leg and expecting it to heal. It won't.

Because as crippling, paralysing and soul-crushingly depressing as it is when you're mentally, emotionally and physically fucked, the problem you THINK you have is NOT the problem you have to fix.

So attempting to fix it with symptom suppressing brain candy like mindfulness and meditation, rehab and medication or counselling and CBT is why it takes people years to fully recover from burnout (if they ever do,) and why millions bounce straight back into the mental meat-grinder the minute pressure returns and "treatment" ends.

Because as temporarily soothing as superficial bandaids may be, all they do is mask the symptoms of trauma induced burnout and never get close to identifying and resolving the Toxic Trauma Loops that are causing the flashbacks, panic attacks, depression and overwhelm to be there in the first place.

But it gets worse.

Because if you Whack-A-Mole your symptoms it drives the underlying problem deeper and deeper into your battle weary brain, making the trauma loops tighter and tighter and more difficult to untie.

And that, is a tragic waste of energy, money AND life. 



An hour with Matt is worth a thousand with your therapist.

JOSH BRYER, Creative Director, Sydney Australia

Burnout isn't sexy until you're fucked. Listen to Matt, his wisdom will save you money on the divorce, breakdown, or rehab bill.


Matt stops superstars turning into shooting stars.

MARC LEWIS, Founder & Dean, SCA 2.0

Subconscious Bullshit Elimination is the Magic Bullet they told you didn't exist


Because  99% of the world's coaches and therapists don't know it does...

Forget 90-day coaching programs, 12-step recovery groups and old school therapy. Subconscious Bullshit Elimination will detraumatise your creative brain in one day flat. 


Born and raised on the creative battlefield this blisteringly fast psychotherapy is the razor-sharp result of over 30,000 hours of therapeutic breakthroughs.

Designed exclusively for the creative brain, its primary purpose is simple: permanently obliterate all subconscious hand grenades as quickly as humanly possible – even if you've been traumatised for years and nothing else worked.

In order to give you what I call your Massively Transformative Breakthrough (MTB™), every single session is 100% bespoke to YOUR specific situation and the way that YOUR creative brain is wired – not the way that my brain's wired, not the way your mother's brain's wired and not the way a dusty old textbook says you SHOULD be wired.

This means there are NO generic worksheets to fill out. NO cliched coaching models to yawn through. And NO multiple sessions to squeeze into your already bulging diary.

We're going to eliminate your bullshit in ONE session. So they'll be no set time limit, no rigid cutoff point and we'll spend as much time together as we need to completely eradicate your REAL problem on the day – whether that takes us 4 hours, 40 minutes or 4 seconds.

But it's not just the format of the Single Session Breakthrough that breaks with convention, the price does, too.

Because rather than charging hourly rates with no clear finish line, SBSE has one set project fee. So you'll only ever pay for the RESULTS you're going to get, not the hours on the clock or time spent with me.

So when we work together you'll know EXACTLY how much it's going to cost you to get the EXACT result you want – no hidden extras, no unexpected invoices and no extra sessions you didn’t account for. 

So if you're sick and tired of all the stress, depression and relentless insecurity that a burnt out brain gives you, let's eliminate that bullshit once and for all.


Custom Built for The Creative Brain

Subconscious Bullshit Elimination was born, raised and pressure-tested on the creative battlefield. And because it's designed exclusively for the creative brain, its entire philosophy and practice is wildly different to anything used by conventional coaches, counsellors, therapists and hypnotists... bar none. 

After our time together you'll...


When the pressure's on and the bullets are flying it's easy to get lost in the chaos. Maybe you don't recognise yourself anymore. Maybe you don't trust yourself anymore. Maybe you don't even fucking like yourself anymore. Whatever you've lost, let's get it back – every last piece.



Remember when you were batshit crazy in love with what you did? When life was a joy and you were full of hope, optimism and excitement for the future? Ready to get that soul enhancing fire raging through your veins once again? For good this time?



Let's me honest, life’s a damn sight easier when you’re not shitting all over your own parade every day. So let's eliminate the bullshit that's poking the bear. Because once it's done and gone, that bitchy little voice in the back of your head will be a long and distant memory of the past.



Burnout doesn't just turn your inner world to ashes, it turns the outside one to shit, too. Friendships break, relationships shatter and your hobbies go to the dogs. But enough's enough... that's NOT how this movie's gonna end, right???  


Where we go from here...


Time is precious, so this call is only for people who are super serious about eliminating their bullshit ONCE AND FOR ALL. If that sounds like you fill in the form below, and if you're pre-approved, I'll be in touch with a time to speak. 


In this free 45 minute conversation I'll ask you some questions about your problem, and you can ask me any questions about my process. And if we agree that we're a good fit we'll talk about next steps and schedule in your Single Session Breakthrough.


The Single Session Breakthrough is as laser focused as a surgeons scalpel. Which means that to ensure you get the best possible result in the shortest possible time, I'll get you hyper-focused on precisely what you want your Massively Transformational Breakthrough to entail.


This is where the bullshit burns and the burnout ends. It will be a sole focus for the day, and we'll spend as much time together we need to completely eliminate your problem there and then. Whether it takes 3 hours or 3 minutes they'll be no ticking clock, no awkward silences and no place to run – for the bullshit that is.

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