Become The Wildly Inspiring Leadership Team That Never Taps Out, Chokes Out or Burns Out Under Pressure.

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Ready to 10x your performance, crush your KPI's and future proof your career in 12 weeks or less? 

The Target:

Wildly Ambitious Creative Leaders & Their Teams

The Problem:

Creative Leadership Trainings Are Too Short, Shit or Corporate

The Goal:


The Solution:

The Pressure Proof Leadership Training Academy™

Congratulations, you bust your gut to become a world class creative, only to land yourself a job that’s got fuck all to do with being a world class creative.


It’s like you've been dropped in the middle of a war zone with no knickers and a spud gun. 

No formal training, no MBA, nada.

It's noisy, chaotic and oftentimes manic, and whether you’re a seasoned veteran or first-time-founder leading the charge in this pressure-cooker business is an intimidating place to be.

No longer are you wrestling with a blank sheet of paper and an immovable deadline, you’re wrestling with fragile creative egos, fiery client relations, communication breakdowns, bombshell resignations, back-to-back meetings, pitch fatigue, personality clashes, outrageous expectations and a clusterfuck of neurosis or narcissism.

Sometimes it feels like you're walking on eggshells.

Sometimes it feels like you walking on glass.

And it always feels like you're walking the plank.

One false move and it's one nil to the sharks.

No wonder you're overwhelmed, overstretched or on the precipice of burnout

You're making this leadership shit up on the fly.

Under fire.

And with a spotlight on your front and a target on your back.

Sometimes you wonder if this management lark's worth the stress.

And why it's so damn difficult...

You were a shit hot creative, surely that should means you'll be a shit hot leader, right? Wrong.



Being shit hot in leadership has got NOTHING to do with how many Lions you’ve got on the shelf, how many entries you’ve got in “The Book” or how good you are on a Mac.


And clinging onto that raft is sinking your ship.

Like it or not... all the habits, beliefs and rituals that got you the success you have today, are the EXACT SAME habits, beliefs and rituals that are stopping you getting the success you want tomorrow. 


So if your default mode under pressure is to double down on what you already know, (your box of tricks) you’re doubling down on your chances of failure. 

Because success as a creative does not equal success as a leader.

Anymore that success as a leader equals success as a creative.

They’re entirely different beasts.

Which require entirely different mindsets, attitudes and belief systems.

So if you want to lead with courage, conviction and a the strength of two your old identity needs an upgrade and your new one needs reenforcing.

Because no matter how much hustle, grind or stress you bring to the table, you can't outperform your core identity.


That's why most leadership courses, self help books, management trainings and 6 figure MBA's fail to make a massive, long-lasting impact on a persons day-to-day behaviour and longterm ambition.

They teach conscious level leadership skills that are NOT in alignment with the subconscious identity of the person or people receiving them. 

And because the brain loves predictability and hates change, the minute stress returns or pressure strikes it ditches the alien skills that are most new, and reverts back to old patterns of preprogrammed behaviour. 

It's like yo-yo dieters who repeatedly sheds the pounds only to pile them back on again. They don't stay the way they'd like because they don't identify with being the way they'd like. They identify with being overweight, not skinny.

So with PPL™ you won't just get the tools, tactics and battle-tested strategies you need to lead with courage, confidence and fearless curiosity, you'll get the ANTIFRAGILE IDENTITY you need to back it up.

Rather than subconsciously sink to the lowest version of yourselves that you can accept, you'll rise to the highest version of yourselves that you can imagine.


And that my friend, will be really fucking high.

The PPL Protocol™ is simple


Upgrade your Leadership iOS


By Pressure Proofing Your Brain


And mastering the tools to crush it

Fusing a decades worth of one-on-one coaching with 28 years of scar tissue research, PPL™ is the cliché free, decorporatised bullet train to your full and complete leadership potential.


Through weekly group coaching sessions, practical, hands-on masterclasses and a private online community PPL™ pulls no punches and delivers no bullshit as it gives you and your teammates the UNFLINCHING AMBITION, INDISTRACTABLE ACTION and UNBREAKABLE COMMUNICATION you need to take you're leadership game from the Sunday Leagues to the Premiership as swiftly and elegantly as humanly possible.

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 PPL™ isn't a cookie-cutter course you'll never watch, a shallow, self-flagellating hypefest or a vacuous unmanned membership

When you join the group you'll follow a battle-tested 12-module syllabus, followed by a LIFETIME of ongoing support and LIVE weekly group coaching. PPL™ it's like NOTHING you've experienced before because there's NOTHING else like it on the market.


90 Minute 1:1 Onboarding Session With Matt

This private 90 minutes Zoom session is where we get together and brainstorm your current situation and make a plan on how best to complete the program and where to begin.  

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Complete The 12-Week PPL™ Core Curriculum

This core curriculum is something that teams and individuals typically complete in 12 weeks, but there's no upper or lower time limit. Whether it takes 12 days or 12 months is entirely up to you.

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Ongoing Support & Weekly Group Coaching

As soon as you join PPL™ you're a part of the inner circle, which means you can join all the LIVE group coaching sessions and workshops. All of the calls are recorded and archived in the PPL™ online portal.

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 When You Log Into Your Private Portal You'll Immediately get:

Comprehensive Training Videos
Downloadable Worksheets
Full Video Transcripts
Subconscious Mind Recoding MP3's
Scientifically Proven Protocols
Active Comments Section
Comprehensive Library of Resources
Lifetime Access To All Content

And EVERY SINGLE WEEK we'll meet on Zoom for LIVE Group Coaching, no-holds barred Q&A's and on-the-tools Make It Real Brainstorms

This is where the plans get made, the action gets taken and the training wheels come off. It's where you go from THEORY to PRACTICE to MASTERY. It's where focus and accountability begins and confusion and inaction ends.

PPL™ Turns Students of Creative Leadership into Great Grand Masters IN JUST 12 WEEKS

PPL™ will take you and your team from THEORY to PRACTICE to MASTERY through a hybrid approach to learning which gives you the theory though pre-recorded videos and LIVE masterclasses, the practice through weekly Zoom workshops and Q&A's, and the mastery through Make It Real sessions on Mural.


When you register for Pressure Proof Leadership™ you'll unlock the pre-recorded video training program. These bite sized chunks of flow goodness will take you step-by-step through the PRESSURE PROOF LEADERSHIP PROTOCOL™ in a way which will give you the wisdom, models, and frameworks you need to know and understand before we meet as a group to do the practical implementation exercises. 


Every week we'll meet LIVE on Zoom for the Make It Real working sessions. These 2 hour workshops will give you the elite level coaching and peer-to-peer support you need to put your newfound leadership theory into practice. Don’t worry if you can’t attend a live session because they'll all be recorded and uploaded to the PPL™ membership portal for you to watch (or rewatch) at a time that suits your busy diary.


There are two ways to master a new skillset. The old way is to put in a minimum of 10,000 hours worth of diligent, hardcore practice (which has no guarantee of success). And the smart way is to shortcut the entire learning process by having a 1:1 Subconscious Bullshit Elimination™ day with Matt. I normally charge clients £2,750 for this Massively Transformational Breakthrough (MTB™) but it’s FREE for the first 10 PPL™ Founders Members.

It's not just the cutting-edge curriculum and lifetime access to LIVE coaching that sets PPL™ apart, the stuff that's under the hood does too...


Every single thing you'll learn in PPL™ has been tried and torture-tested on the creative battlefield by my most high profile 1-2-1 coaching clients. None of it is theoretic heresy, academic guesswork or pop psychology bullshit. If you want that kind of cookie-cutter nonsense scroll through your Linkedin feed. Always testing, always optimising, always refining is what makes PPL the dogs bollocks.

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I've studied peak performance psychology at the most prestigious institutions and universities in the world. And unlike the vast majority of battery farmed coaches out there, I was born and raised in some of the most mentally and emotionally demanding creative companies in the industry and have coached and mentored some of the best and most successful leaders out there.  

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Since day one my client base has been built by referral and recommendation only. Which means that for the past 15 years I've been judged and hired based SOLEY on the measurable ROI I deliver for my clients. And trust me, if the stuff I teach didn't and doesn't stick like bricks when the shit hit the fan, me and my program would have been resigned to the recycling bin years ago. 

Recent Testimonials

Pressure Proof Leadership™ gives you the battle-tested TOOLS, TACTICS and subconscious IDENTITY you need to flow in the face of fear, grow in the company of chaos, and thrive in a world of uncertainty 



BA (Hons), DCH, DHP (Distinction), MNLP, Adv. EFT (Level 3), MRP, EMDR, CBT, GHR Registered


For over 28 years I’ve has worked with, led, and now coach some of the most well-known and highly-respected creative leaders in the world, including Chief Creative Officers, CEO’s, Corporate Presidents, Creative Chairmen and women and Hollywood A-listers.

Prior to pressure proofing brains, decluttering minds, and face-planting the myths surrounding creative genius, I was a writer and Executive Creative Director in London, Amsterdam and Sydney where I helped build and lead creative and innovation departments which produced multi award-winning work for some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Today, as well as coaching and mentoring high performance teams and individuals, I’m a peak performance consultant and workshop facilitator for creative agencies all over the world, as well as within companies like Fox, National Geographic, Toyota, Lexus, Bentley and Maxis.

Safe to say I debullshitified my process years ago and have got the letters after my name and scars on my back, to deliver the no-holds-barred, woo-woo-free knowledge, wisdom and toolset you need to crush it at work without work crushing you, your teams or your marriage.


Quick Facts

I've spent 20 years studying Psychotherapy, Applied Neuroscience, Peak Performance Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy at King's College London and the International NLP Trainers Association.  

Not [email protected]

After two decades as a writer and creative director at some of the world's best advertising agencies, I became a sustainable high performance leadership coach and workshop facilitator by design.

Not because I got fired or made redundant. 

I cut my teeth as a complex trauma specialist for some of the bravest people I know. And now I work with some of the most creative, powerful, and influential people I've ever met.  

Not Jean from Slough or Stu from Hull.

Pressure Proof Leadership™ Contains...




✓  You're a leadership team or team leader and want to MASSIVELY up your game
✓  You know that winging it isn't working and neither is making shit up on-the-fly
✓  You're sick and tired of all the cookie-cutter leadership bullshit that populates Linkedin 
✓  You've read all the leadership books on Amazon and are now REALLY fucking confused
✓  You've done some leadership training before and it sucked 
✓  You need the FOCUS, CLARITY and CONVICTION to make massive, meaningful change  
✓  You want to future-proof your career
✓  You don't want to be in the next round of redundancies


  • You're addicted to stress and have no intention of becoming the best leader you can be
  • You're looking for some kind of wishy-washy pop psychology bullshit that doesn't work
  • You don't have the time, patience or inclination to invest in you or your team
  • You're perfectly happy with running around like a headless chicken
  • You think leadership is a birthright not a skill
  • You think that skills are enough to make you a great leader 
  • You've lost the locker room and have no intention of getting it back
  • You aren't coachable

Once Enrolled in PPL™ You'll Get:


After joining PPL™ you'll get instant access to a password protected members portal. Here you'll have access to the first weeks content which you can watch, listen to, and read on a desktop or phone. The content for weeks 2-12 will be drip-fed into your personal members area every 7th day.


PPL™ is a pressure-tested program with in-depth video lessons and detailed action plans that'll propel you and your team into the Premiership of Creative Leadership. Weekly scorecards track and measure your progress as you complete the lessons and implement the learnings.


When you log into your portal you'll get access to a series of neuroscientifically-backed MindRecoding™ audios. These sessions bypass your conscious firewall and instal a flow trigger in your brain before eliminating any subconscious bullshit that is or has the potential to limit your potential.


Join Once NEVER Pay Again


£4,997 p/p

Valued at over £30,000

  • Unlimited lifetime access to all LIVE group coaching calls plus the recordings
  • Unlimited lifetime access to all LIVE masterclasses, Q&A's and workshops
  • Unlimited lifetime access to all future program updates, upgrades and refinements
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the PPL™ private online community / braintrust
  • Unlimited lifetime access to me as your mentor (via the group not as 1:1 coach)
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the downloadable worksheets, playbooks, cheat sheets, quick start guides and videos
  • Total value WELL OVER £30,000 
  • Enrol once, no more fees ever



Top features

If you're a company, collective or standalone team that wants to run the PPL™ program with JUST your team and not in the wider group, let's talk. 

You'll get access to EVERYTHING in the lefthand column PLUS...

  • Exclusive access to me as you and your teams inner circle coach
  • 1:1 private coaching sessions included  
  • Ability to refine the core curriculum to perfectly suit your specific needs
  • An extra 28 years of creative experience in your teams brainstorms and planning sessions (aka Matt)
  • Regular checkins with your CEO or equivalent
  • Weekly workshops that are 100% focused on YOUR specific business needs
  • Cast iron confidentiality