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Pressure proof your brain, optimise your performance and live a life in the flow zone that you NEVER want to escape from.

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Get the COACHING, CONTENT & COMMUNITY you need to crush hidden handbrakes, shatter glass ceilings and beat off burnout.

The Target

Battle tested leaders, founders and CEO's

The Enemy

Running Out Of Traction, Direction or Enthusiasm

The Goal

Sustainable High Performance Under Pressure  

The Solution

Subconscious Bullshit Elimination™

Finally, a leadership level mastermind for minds like yours...

Masterminds are the springboard to your highest potential, the fast track to your wildly important goals and the antidote to stress and anxiety. But most of them are designed with the corporate brain in mind. Which is great if you own a corporate brain, but not so great if you don't. 

PPC is different. Because PPC has all the benefits of a corporate mastermind – high-end coaching, monthly masterclasses, and at trusted alliance of likeminded peers – but with one very big difference.

PPC is for creative brains only. Which means we've fought the battles you fight, talk the talk that you talk, and see the world like you do. 

So if you've got the COURAGE to magnify your mission, the HUMILITY to seek out help, and the TENACITY to make shit happen, let's chat.

Everyday you give your team the mental, moral and emotional support they need to crush it at work – but who the hell's got YOUR back?


Leading the charge in a pressure cooker industry can be tough. And with a spotlight on your front and a target on your back it can be the loneliest place on earth. 

One minute you’re like an all star athlete, knocking out of the park for a sellout crowd and the next you feel like a charlatan and a fraud, minutes away from getting found out and fired. 

Holding your nerve, standing your ground and fighting for the work is a continual source of stress. And if the foot soldiers of fear march into your brain, it's not long before your confidence takes a hit and your courage hits the skids.

PPC is the antidote to all this shit.

It's the riot shield for your creative brain.

The cheering squad for your next big thing.

And the team you can rely on if you trip up and fall.

The Pressure Proof Protocol™ is simple




When you know how to  MAGNIFY the mission that's alive in your soul. ELIMINATE the bullshit that’s holding you back. And FAST TRACK the victories that make magic happen, you’ll live a life in flow that you'll never want to escape from. 

Micky Tudor, Chief Creative Officer

Every week there's a profound new insight, every week there's a brand new breakthrough, and every week personal barriers get smashed down. It's like you're building an army of cheerleaders in your own head. And pretty soon you feel like the whole stadium is rooting for you, letting off flares, waving flags, and chanting your name.

Fuse peak performance coaching with peer-to-peer mentoring and the wisdom and support of a ferociously supportive team and you can't help but collapse your hidden handbrakes, unlock your heart-pounding purpose, and supercharge your success WITHOUT sacrificing your sanity, selling your soul or blowing up your marriage.

And with no jacked up egos, corporate politicians or psychotic Prima Donnas walking our halls, you can ditch the suit of armour, drop the wall of defence and be the real and authentic you – free from the fear of "getting it wrong", being found out or being thrown to the wolves.

Because we get where you're coming from, we get where you're going and we're ready, willing and able to get you there faster.

Ready to begin?

Elliot Harris Creative Partner and Global ECD

When life throws bombs to knock you off course PPC keeps you inspired, motivated and focused around the core strengths and values that help you and those around you be better. 

Greg Hackett, Film Director & Founder of Spindle Productions

It’s amazing to say something out loud one week and see real, tangible changes happen the next. It’s very impactful for me, very very impactful.

Emma Booty, Design Director & Brand Consultant

No bloated egos, no toxic politics, no bullshit. A wonderful, insightful, supportive bunch of people who talk openly about their challenges and bring out the best in each other. 

So when you're ready to pressure proof your brain, declutter your mind and eliminate the subconscious bullshit holding you back...

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Robin Dhara, Founder and CEO of Red Robin Ventures

It’s hard to talk to someone the higher you climb in your game, or when you feel the gnawing at the pit of your stomach as you wonder “what’s next?". Someone that can both understand you - but call bullshit when it’s needed, to be with you every step of the way to get clarity of thought, vision and action. That’s Matt. He's been both a friend and mentor, coming with a shot of performance enhancing magic when it’s needed most.

Membership Includes

Monthly Masterclasses

At the start of every month I deliver a two hour masterclass which dives deep into one of the core pillars of the rotating PPC curriculum: Antifragile Identity™, Unflinching Ambition™ and Unbreakable Flow™

Weekly Group Coaching 

On the second, third and fourth weeks of the month we move from theory to practice to mastery through Roast The Coach Q&A's, member hot-seats, targeted missions and implementation sprints.

World-class Network

Your round-the-clock community of likeminded PPC'ers are always on hand to jam with, get feedback from, gain fresh perspectives, ask questions, celebrate victories, bounce ideas off, and hold your feet to the fire.

As well as

Discounted 1-to-1's 

PPC begins with a complimentary one-to-one where we elicit the unconscious drivers that are dictating the course of your life. Then, whenever you need to go deep on a sensitive subject or major opportunity you get 20% off all private coaching sessions. 

300+ Hours of Peak Performance Recordings

PPC has been turning tortured artists into creative athletes since 2020. Which means we've got well over 300 hours of masterclasses and coaching calls archived in the member portal for your binge watching pleasure.


Our members privacy and confidentially is of paramount importance. So every member of the mastermind has to subscribe to our legally binding No Dicking About policy. This has three rules: No Politics. No Gaslighting. No peacocking. Ever!

Marc Donaldson, Design Director and Head of Art

It’s no exaggeration to say that this man has saved me. His methods and teachings are fascinating and life changing. And his experience in the industry means he truly understands the pressures we face.


  • You're a creativity minded leader, founder, or entrepreneur
  • You've achieved a great deal of success in your life but you KNOW there's more in the tank
  • Your approachable and coachable 
  • You're willing to make changes where and when changes are needed 
  • You won't go nuclear if someone calls bullshit on a something that's clearly bullshit
  • You're a team player who's willing to contribute to the group 
  • You can keep a secret 


  • You think you're the dogs bollocks who's beyond reproach
  • You're one of those people who never implements anything they learn 
  • You're looking for a quick fix, magic bullet, or fairy Godmother
  • You're looking for a pity party
  • You're not ready to invest time, effort, or energy in yourself and your future
  • You're as flakey as fuck
  • You can't keep a secret

Matt Felstead, Freelance Film Editor

It's like a ring of defence around your creative brain. It won't stop the shit coming at you, but it will stop it coming over the top and drowning you. Life changing.

Nathan Kemp, Chief Innovation Officer

Where most of us see the wall, Matt sees the door. Every time. And before you know it you’re through it and on the other side. It'll blow your mind. It’s utterly transformative. 

Tony Malcolm, ECD and Novelist

My life's far richer and less restricted with the techniques and philosophies Matt teaches. I wish I had him in my corner decades ago!


BA (Hons), DCH, DHP (Distinction), MNLP, Adv. EFT (Level 3), MRP, EMDR, CBT, GHR Registered

Fusing 20 years as a multi award-winning copywriter and creative director at Wieden+ Kennedy, M&C Saatchi, and Clemenger BBDO, with 14 years as a complex trauma specialist and creative leadership coach, I've got the letters after my name and scars on my back, to deliver the no-holds-barred, woo-woo-free knowledge, wisdom, and toolkit you need to crush it at work without work crushing you, your teams, or your marriage.

When I'm not coaching clients one-on-one, studying the latest neuroscience, or running trainings and workshops for the likes of Fox, Disney, Bentley, Toyota, Lexus and every PR and ad agency in the world, I'm recording my podcast (The Pressure Proof Creative), finishing off my upcoming book (through John Hunt Publishing), or snapping strings on my Gibson Les Paul.

Today, everything I coach, teach, and preach is pressure-tested to the extreme and stripped clean of any fluff, filler, or unactionable bullshit. 


Quick Facts

I've spent 20 years studying Psychotherapy, Applied Neuroscience, Peak Performance Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy at King's College London and the International NLP Trainers Association.  

Not [email protected]

After two decades as a writer and creative director at some of the world's best advertising agencies, I became a sustainable high performance leadership coach and workshop facilitator by design.

Not because I got fired or made redundant. 

I cut my teeth as a complex trauma specialist for some of the bravest people I know. And now I work with some of the most creative, powerful, and influential people I've ever met.  

Not Jean from Slough or Stu from Hull.


The PPC Mastermind is currently taking applications

To see we're a good fit for each other, please take a few moments to answer the questions below. Once I receive your form, I’ll be in touch to schedule a time to chat and learn more about your current needs.



  • Private 1:1 Orientation Session with Matt to clarify your long range ambition. 

  •  Weekly group coaching calls every week – Fridays at 9-11am GMT

  •  24/7 access to any session you missed. Every session we've ever had is archived in the private members platform and includes over 300 hours of gold.

  •  Unlimited VIP access to any public masterclasses Matt runs. Most recent masterclass were Fuck Fear Let’s Flow™ and From Burn Out To All Out™ 

  •  PPC Black Book: Unlimited opportunities to leverage each others network and collaborate with fellow leaders, founders and trailblazers.

  •  Peer-to-peer soundboard/braintrust: For multiple, unbiased perspectives on your current or upcoming problems, challenges and opportunities. 

  •  PPC Confidential™ WhatsApp group: The place to share your wins, unstick your thinking and hold each other accountable.

  •  Unlimited access to Matt as your coach and mentor: Via DM and email, not 1:1 (see below)

  •  20% discount on any 1:1 sessions with Matt: For any major challenges or opportunities that you don't want to share within the group.

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