The most valuable resource in business isn’t time, money or TIME SHEETS. It’s Flow.That elusive state of full-engagement that repels stress and anxiety, neutralises fear and insecurity, and skyrockets creativity, productivity and a deep sense of courage, confidence and emotional wellbeing.

But because we haven't been taught how to pressure-proof our flow, fear, fatigue and mental gridlock have hijacked our minds AND RATTLED OUR EMOTIONS.

Over the past 18 months I've asked and interviewed hundreds of creative leaders about their emotional health and wellbeing. And the results weren't pretty. Rather than live in a sustainable state of high engagement, it turns out most live in an unsustainable state of red-alert.

92% said they were stressed out and anxious. 68% said anger and insecurity were daily emotional states. 65% felt undervalued and disengaged. And 56% said they'd been burnt out – with 21% saying they weren't sure and 8% saying "Not yet!"

Those are scary stats. Not just because they’re a direct result of a brain locked in fear-mode, but because the net-effect of this fear-driven mindset isn't just damaging our bodies, overloading our nervous systems, and striking our brains, it's eroding our self-confidence, destroying our sense of value and perspective, and killing our relationships, too.

In the high-stake race for big ideas and rock-solid creative leadership, mental and physical fatigue is a shitty place to be. But the answer doesn't come from mindful navel-gazing.

It comes from building a sustainable high-performance mindset that won't bend, buckle or run-to-the-hills when the pressure gets real. And you do that, by training your brain to approach every obstacle and opportunity with flow on demand, not fear by default.

So if you've been looking for a way to crush it at work without work crushing you, your teams or your marriage, this flowstate training is it.

Flow is the brain's high-octane antidote to fear, stress and anxiety, and the fastest way to create and live a creative life you never want to escape from.

Flow is the sourcecode to intrinsic motivation, the optimum state of human consciousness, and the zone you drop into when you feel your best and perform your best. It's the place where your brain goes "WOW" as it bends time, skyrockets performance, and presses mute on the relentless inner critic in the back of your head – clearing the path for the voice of insight, inspiration and intuition.

When you're in flow your conscious mind slows down as your uber powerful subconscious mind steps up-to-the-plate, expanding your mental, emotional and creative clarity, vision and focus a hundred fold.

Behind the scenes a neurochemical cocktail of dopamine, serotonin, noradrenaline, anandamide and endorphin races through your nervous system and drives you into the "deep now", ramping up your self-confidence, certainty and innate sense of meaning, passion and purpose.

This radical shift in neurobiology pulls-the-plug on second-guessing, self-doubt and a crippling fear of failure, and the brain-draining chemicals of stress, worry and concern are left floundering in its performance-enhancing wake.

Before you know it, you’re riding the crest of a legal high – leapfrogging plateaus, breaking down boundaries, and mainlining the most potent, feel-good chemicals your ecstatic brain can produce. And once absorbed in this powerful 'upstate' the problems of the outside fall away as your attention turns inwards.

You're calm and excited at the same time, fully alive and secure in your own abilities as you lean into (not pull away from) your full-potential. Past, present and future timezones merge into one: with the past teaching you, the future inspiring you, and the present driving you effortlessly and ecstatically forwards...

But the best thing about flow isn't what it feels like, it's what it does.

Decade long studies by McKinsey & Co., and The Positive Psychology Movement have shown that top execs, creatives, writers and artists in flow are 500% more creative, 700% more productive and amongst the happiest people alive.

With 200% faster learning speeds.

But despite flow's MASSIVE upsides, it comes with one MASSIVE downside.

It's so fucking fragile.

One minute you're in the thick of it, confidence booming, time bending in your favour, and the next you're spat out of its loving arms like a pellet at a pigeon-eating competition.

And when flow stops flowing, fear creeps in. Big ideas are replaced by small, confidence is replaced by uncertainty, and bravery is replaced by panic.

You try your damnedest to get back in 'the zone', but no matter how hard you try the more you get shut out. And the reason for that is that your conscious effort is activating the subconscious 'law of reversed effect'. Which makes you even more stressed out, and even less likely to drop back in. Pretty soon you're doubting your ability to cope, and wonder why the hell you got into this pressure-cooker business in the first place – surely it wasn't to fry your brain and shatter your nerves?

When you're out of flow the situation looks bleak – stress builds, frustrations mount, fear creeps in, and all those anxieties you have about 'being able to cut it' rise to the surface.

Sometimes you blame others for knocking you out of flow, sometimes you blame your lack of focus, but the real reason you got side-swiped was because something bubbled up from your subconscious mind and made it so – a self-limiting belief, a ‘dirty’ goal, a value violation, or an unconscious fear from a previous time, job or life-stage.

And when the pressure gets real and resources look limited, your brain automatically and without warning defaults to its 'fear first, flow later' fallback position. Making you brilliantly prepared to have a punch-up or sprint out the door, but dreadfully prepared to make the next big decision with clarity, confidence and creativity.

And the truth about flow is this: you can do all the deep breathing, yoga stretches and mindfulness training you like, but until you get under-the-hood of the conscious mind and release the subconscious handbrakes that trigger the Fuck Everything And Run response (F.E.A.R.), your flow will always be hit-and-miss, and your creative A-Game and emotional wellness will always be hijacked when you least expect it – and can least afford it.

But it doesn't have to be this way.


When you extinguish the subconscious fires that hijack your confidence and trigger your fight-or-flight response, you maximise your flow and obliterate your fear.

And I'll teach you EXACTLY how to do that.



But flow is NOT mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a conscious process which makes you uncritical of the present moment. But flow is a duel-consciousness process which gives you the biochemically-enhanced brain to ignite the present moment and radically transform the future.

At the same time as it flattens fear.

About This Training

By fusing the most powerful tools, techniques and learnings from performance psychology and neuroscience, with the brain recoding powers of clinical hypnotherapy and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), this one-of-a-kind, LIVE and INTERACTIVE coaching program will pressure-proof your creativity, productivity and emotional health and wellbeing by shortcutting your path to flow mastery.

Over the course of 6 weeks, I'll demystify and decode the flow state and give you the knowledge, neuro-repatterning MP3’s and cognitive behavioural frameworks, strategies and neurohacks you need to (re)ignite the passion for what you do, and switch your automatic default mode from fight-or-flight, to flow-and-excel.

And because you'll have the tools to bake the changes into your subconscious habit centres,flow will become an automatic and instinctual part of who you are, and how you react – with no chance of breaking, buckling, or snapping like a twig when you most need it.

The groundbreaking flowstate material is a culmination of:

 20 years of firsthand experience as a creative director and writer at Wieden + Kennedy, M&C Saatchi, Clemenger BBDO and numerous international consultancy roles

 10 years of intensive study and research at King's College London in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Meditation, Timeline Therapy™ and applied neuroscience

 5 years working one-to-one and in groups with hundreds of creative leaders including ECD's, CD's, CCO's, CEO's, MD's, founders and high-profile tech entrepreneurs

What You'll Learn AND Apply

Through big ideas, actionable tools and one-to-one coaching, I'll give you everything you need to IGNITE, AMPLIFY AND SUSTAIN a flow-based state of living, leading and creating, so that you'll exceed (not just meet), the demands of modern-day leadership in a way which will enrich your personal and professional life, not shorten it.

► I'll debunk the myths and misconceptions about flow and show you why too mindfulness is a BAD thing for leaders who want to live a flow-based life. And what to do instead.

► I'll unpack and demonstrate the psychological foundations of flow through the C.O.U.R.A.G.E.™ and T.H.R.I.V.E.™ models of sustainable high performance.

► I'll show you what happens in your conscious and subconscious brain when you’re panic buttons have been pushed, and teach you how to reverse the mental hijack so that you effortlessly, and without thinking, default to flow under pressure, not fear.

► I'll train you to work with your biology rather than fight it, so that you can fuel a sustainable high performance mindset that won’t crumble, explode, or run-to-the-hills in the face of challenge, threat, or the weight of expectation.

► Through my F.A.S.T.E.R. THETA™ MP3's we'll access the super-learning state of consciousness that will enable you to bypass your conscious mind's firewall and instal subconscious ‘flow triggers’ which will automatically ignite flow when the situation calls for it – at work, at home and every place in between.

► I'll teach you how to strengthen the physical architecture of your brain, so that you can sustain rock-solid 'flow focus' in the face of challenge, distraction and disruption.

► I'll teach you how to cognitively prime your brain and nervous system to flow not fear when you walk into any room, meeting, or high-pressure business (or personal) situation.

 I’ll give you the ‘flow blueprint’ you need to create a meaningful, purpose-driven creative life that you never want to escape from – even if you work in a network :-)

► And I’ll coach you one-to-one to align your subconscious core values with flow-based living, and remove any unconscious conflicts, beliefs or fears which stop you reaching your full flow potential.

Which means that by the end of this process you'll go toe-to-toe with challenge and opportunity with hardwired courage, confidence and ferocious curiosity – with no need to focus on your breath, count to 10, or dunk your head in a bucket of ice water if the shit hits the fan, because your brain won’t go to the places that require you to do that.

Training Outcomes:

As a direct result of this training you will:

✔️ Optimise your brain for flow on-demand – and know how to ‘turn it on’ at will

✔️ Prevent stress and anxiety hijacking your passion, engagement and enthusiasm

✔️ Make better, more balanced decisions under pressure

✔️ Boost your creativity by 700%, productivity by 500% and learning by 200%*

✔️ Turn off self-doubt, insecurity and the self-defeating hum of negative head-chatter

✔️ Tune into your gut instinct and creative intuition

✔️ Convert obstacles and hurdles into springboards not roadblocks

✔️ Triple your energy levels without caffeine, Red Bull or Class A

✔️ Leave “a bad at the office” at the office

✔️ Rebuild or enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem

✔️ Increase your emotional intelligence and self-awareness

✔️ Strengthen your immune system 

✔️ Reignite the passion for what you do

✔️ Know what drives, inspires and motivates you at a deep, unconscious level

✔️✔️✔️ Burn bright without burning out

* Data from McKinsey & Co., The Positive Psychology Movement and The US Military

Here's how we'll work together ▼▼▼


1. 1hr Skype Training Every Week (LIVE and INTERACTIVE)

Each week we’ll meet on Skype where I’ll teach you the latest FlowState Bootcamp™ training module. As well as being able to participate live on this call, this weekly, one hour session will be recorded incase you can’t attend live and/or you want to watch it again.


2. Keynote Slides & Written Transcripts of The LIVE Trainings

Brain studies show that inputting new knowledge in different ways makes it to move from short-term to longterm memory faster and more permanently. So to make sure each training module becomes unforgettable, they’ll be made available as text transcripts and visual slides – to read and absorb at your leisure.


3. MP3 Audio Recordings of The LIVE Trainings

Each module will also be made available as a standalone MP3 so that you can deepen or revisit the training modules while you work, run, drive, eat, or sit on the throne.


4. Email Support Throughout The Training

FlowState Bootcamp™ is a constant-contact training. Which means that if a question springs to mind after the training call or during practise, I’ll be on the other end of email to answer it. Plus, if there’s something more in-depth that you need help or clarity with, I’ll arrange a time to speak on Skype or FaceTime – at a mutually convenient time.


5. 2 x One-To-One Coaching Sessions via Skype (this alone covers the £500 value)

Coaching is the most powerful way to radically change your professional and personal life for the better. And because I’m 100% committed to giving you the best possible outcome from this training, I’m going to include 2 x one-to-one coaching sessions at no extra cost. These 2 hour sessions will be used to position your mindset for the future ahead, and remove any psychological garbage that is getting in your way.


6. VIP Access to Private LinkedIn Group

When you become a beta-tester you’ll get private access to the Flowstate Bootcamp™ Mastermind Group. Here you can connect with likeminded professionals and share insights and learnings. I’ll also be on hand to answer any questions you might have.


6 x Neuro-Repatterning Audios

These 15 minute flow-ignition, amplification and stabilisation visualisations are the silver bullets within this program, upgrading the architecture of your brain at the same time as they update and debug your subconscious flowcode. In each one I'll guide you into the super-learning theta state of mind where we'll rewire your conditioned response to pressure, install new patterns of habitual behaviour, resolve unconscious conflicts, align core values, and build a power-base of self-confidence, self-esteem and emotional-regulation – at the same time as your mental flow and focus muscles are shaped and strengthened. And all you need to do is sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the ride.


7. LIFETIME access to further FlowState Bootcamp™ trainings

As an early adopter to Flowstate Bootcamp I'll give you lifetime access to any new material, tools or strategies that I make available in subsequent trainings.

Your Commitment

This training is currently in the early adopter phase, which means that as well as getting a major discount you’ll get more direct access to me than any other student in future Flowstate trainings. 

The only thing I ask in return is that you interact in the online classes and feedback your learnings (or misunderstandings) so that I can shape the course accordingly and deliver the greatest possible return for your investment.

To make sure that we both achieve our goals, the weekly time commitment needed from you is:

✔️ 1 hour per week on the group coaching call (Skype)

✔️ 15 minutes a day listening to the MP3 mindrecoding audios (a different one each week)

✔️ 15 minutes per week feeding back your learnings via GoogleDocs

Total commitment: Approx 2hrs per week in bitesized chunks